EFILE: Electronic Deed Filing
BIS Terms of Use

Terms of Use

When a user "submits" a document through our website using Business Information Systems Technology, all information entered by the user, which includes the actual scanned document, are sent via secure methods to the Register of Deeds office for potential recording.

Before submitting documents through the EfileAnytime service, you must provide bank account information for paying recording fees. To pay EfileAnytime user fees, you may set up either a bank account (can be the same bank account used to pay recording fees), or a debit/credit card. EfileAnytime does not accept debit/credit cards for recording fees at this time. You may either elect to pay recording fees through "PayPerTrans" or "PrePay" options. These settings, along with the ability to add funds to your account, are available in the Account Manager after login.

All users are eligible to obtain an account and use our service, however, any submitted documents must meet specific requirements set forth by state law as well as at the discretion of the Register of Deeds office in which the document are submitted to be recorded.

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